About Us

DPS STUDIOS is a unique venue for Adult themed Photography & Videography Hire. We offer you an equipped area which can be hired to develop your fantasy visions and experiences including BDSM .


We have basic toilet and shower facilities within the venue together with wifi . The venue is offered on a PRIVATE HIRE BASIS ONLY for individuals or small group up to 6/8 people . Customers can bring their own food and drinks to the venue but will be required to remove their own rubbish after use. Smoking is NOT allowed.

Our staff will be available for advice and support and you are free to talk to them direct to discuss your requirements and any other additional support that maybe required. the venue has a variety of Photographic Backdrops , and bdsm equipment for users to use at their own risk  and explore erotic fantasies.


It is the responsibility of  Hirer to ensure people who are invited to join in the studio session, are medically fit and report any health issues that the Hirer needs to be aware of . The Hirer will then need to make their own risk assessment  informed by the nature of actions that they plan to do in the studio. 

As a new development for 2021 , we are endeavouring to developing two aspects for DPS;)

1) We would hope to encourage future small groups of users to come along and share costs for themed nights eg  PUPPY NIGHTS, SKIN NIGHTS, RUBBER NIGHTS, LEATHER NIGHTS etc - please let us know if you are interested in a group session so that we can link you with like minded users, and see if we can arrange a session.

email us at  accounts@dps-studios.com  

Yes 2021 will hopefully be a good year for the development of our services POST COVID,  so please keep in touch with us , and feel free to get in touch with any questions or ideas.